A Look at Triton High Roller Series

The Triton Super High Roller Series is currently taking place down in Montenegro, and it’s an event that is attracting all of the biggest players in the world. Chris Moneymaker was already a big winner at this event, and the big payouts are continuing this week.

Mike Watson is the biggest winner so far on the Triton Poker Series as he was able to take home $1,023,000 by winning Event #3. With more than 150 participants in this event that paid the $30,000 buy-in, it ended up being the biggest pool so far. 

Watson is representing the country of Canada in this series, and this has become quite the international poker event. The United States was left out of the final table, but there were some other big countries represented. 

This was a two-day event, but only the best players in the field were able to get a crack at the final. Things really started to heat up when there were just four players remaining and the chip count was nearly identical. 

Watson Knows How to Win

Winning at the Triton Poker Series is nothing new for Watson as he has now won over $10 million playing in this series. Things were looking a bit bleak for Watson at a couple of different points during this tournament, but he always managed to come up with a big hand. 

Wai Kiat Lee actually had the chip lead when the final table was set, but Watson was clearly within striking distance. Kiat Lee would stay in the running throughout the rest of the action, but ended up coming up in second place. 

Daniel Rezaei from Austria finished in ninth place in this event, and it was actually a pretty quick elimination at the final table. German Sirzat Hissou was the next to be knocked out of this field, and he never had a shot at winning the title. 

Leon Sturm finished in fifth place in this tournament after being eliminated by Ding Biao of China. That win by Biao not only guaranteed a spot in the top four, but also put all four top players at nearly the exact same point. 

Lee once again had the chip lead when it came time to heads up action, but this time he had three times as many chips as Watson. It was some impressive play from Watson that flipped things right away, setting the stage for a final hand. 

A straight on the draw gave Watson the win at the final hand and let him walk away with over $1 million. 

More Action Scheduled

Since the action at the Triton High Roller Poker Series is going to continue into next weekend, there will be other players ready to cash in. Event #5 is going to produce a payout larger than the one that Watson wins, but it’s still unclear as to who will win. 

Some previous winners are going to be looking to double up and win another tournament as there are many options out there.

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