Casino Legislation Up for Consideration Again in Kentucky

Only a few states in the US do not offer casino gambling. One such state is Kentucky. In the past, efforts have been made to see the state enter into the gambling industry but these efforts have failed. Just recently, two representatives of the state have introduced legislation that would see Kentucky offer casino gambling with a call for the constitution of the state to be amended.

Representatives Rick Rand and Dennis Keene have introduced the legislation in order to allow casinos to be constructed in the state. Keene has stated the legislation is a way to start the conversation when it comes to casino gaming for Kentucky. With the plan, four stand-alone casinos could be constructed and the existing horse race tracks would be allowed to provide casino games as well. Local communities would have a say in whether or not a casino could be placed in their area.

Currently, like other states across the US, Kentucky is in need of money. The state has a pension problem of $40 billion and casinos would help bring in much-needed funds. According to the representatives, with casino gambling, the state would be able to see one-time fees of $325 million paid then annual payments should total $236 million.

With such projections, a gambling industry for Kentucky sounds promising. However, the Governor of the state, Matt Bevin, is not impressed and has already showed his opposition to the legislation. Kentucky has a seemingly anti-casino position but they do offer online lottery wagering. While casinos would help the state generate instant funds as well as money over time, it seems that the two representatives have a long way to go to be able to get others on their side and see their measure move forward.

Efforts have been made for years now to see the state begin to offer casino gaming, and every time, the efforts have failed. It will be interesting to see if this measure will be able to gain any traction or be like the rest and never move forward.

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