California Veteran Groups Oppose Tribal Sports Betting Measures As They Threaten Existence of Cardrooms

California Veteran Groups Oppose Tribal Sports Betting Measures As They Threaten Existence of Cardrooms

Several veteran organizations in California oppose a measure fueled by tribal gaming firms. Tribal gaming operators plan to bring sports betting to California. The proposed project will allow tribal nations to operate sportsbooks.

Yet, this is not the only thing included in the proposed initiative that is qualified for the upcoming election ballot in November 2022. The particular state that the veteran groups are in disagreement with allows tribal casinos to litigate commercially licensed casinos in California.

A copy submitted to the California Secretary suggests that tribal casinos can sue commercial cardrooms for violating gambling rules. The proposal explains that California’s attorney general can give closure orders to commercial casinos for unlawful gambling. This would include one-day closure for the first violation, 48 hours for the second, and 30 days closure for a third and subsequent violation.

Another measure included in the proposal is that any person or firm can report illegal betting cases to the attorney general. The measure allows the individual to ensue with a civil case when the attorney fails to file a suit within three months.

Veterans Fear the Tribal Measure

According to veteran groups, tribal nations will use the new measures to force cardrooms to close down. Cardroom casinos offer over 32k jobs that tribal measures seem to jeopardize.

If the state adopted the measures, it would affect over $1.5 billion in employee wages and $5.5 billion in state revenue. The state and cities use these funds to propel community services.

A commander at the Disabled American Veterans Department of California, Mike Kerr, has said that tribal gaming initiatives would encourage multiple lawsuits. He also noted that they would jeopardize thousands of jobs.

Mike also added that most veteran group members relied on jobs in emergency services besides military services. He said that these jobs catered to their families and community. Disabled American Veterans stands for safer and better communities.

Disabled American Veterans is not the only vet group opposing tribal nations’ measures. Others include the United States Army in North and South California chapters, Vietnam Veterans of America, Delta Veterans Group, Scottish American Military Society, National Veterans Foundation, Marine Corps Veterans Association, and AMVETS.

California Sports Betting Measures

Already, the tribal gaming measures were verified last year in May. The election officials needed 997,139 signatures from voters to allow tribal gaming measures to be included in this year’s election.

The proposed initiative will allow tribal casinos and four thoroughbred race tracks to offer retail sports betting. Tribal casinos would also offer dice and roulette games.

Apart from veteran groups, two cardrooms oppose these measures. They have even filed a lawsuit claiming the proposed measures are against California law.

Cardroom supporters have launched a petition to help include their measure on this year’s ballot. These supports suggest that cardrooms should be allowed to offer online and retail sports gambling. Another measure the supporters want to be included is for professional sports teams, tribal casinos, racetracks, and cardrooms to be eligible to apply for sports betting licenses.

National sportsbook operators are working on another petition to add mobile sports betting measures to the ballot. These operators are ready to pay $100 million for licenses. The measure also allows tribal nations to offer sports betting too, but with restrictions.

Unfortunately, no group agrees with the other’s measure. For now, we have to wait and follow events as they unfold.

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