California Police Raid Illegal Gambling Joint, Seize Ammo, Cash, Drugs, Gambling Machines

California Police Raid Illegal Gambling Joint, Seize Ammo, Cash, Drugs and Gambling Machines

During a raid on Thursday, July 15, 2021, police in Oakland, California discovered an illegal gambling facility. In it, they discovered several weapons, ammo, and drugs worth more than $76,000, $21,000 cash, and 18 gambling machines. The police recovered a bulletproof vest, 30 high-capacity magazines, and two rifles.

The police reported having recovered drugs worth a street value of $76,000. Some of the drugs recovered include 60 bottles of promethazine, methamphetamine, commonly referred to as meth, heroin, and marijuana. Although the police apprehended the suspect, they did not give out details or specifics on their identity.

According to the Oakland Police Department Chief of Police, the police conducted the raid based on tips. The residents had raised concerns about illegal gambling, human trafficking, and the presence of narcotics. The police chief, LeRonne L. Armstrong, and his team responded to residents’ concerns and discovered illegal gambling, among other crimes.

Armstrong wrote on the Oakland Police Department Facebook page. In his statement, he noted that collaboration between the police and the community brings success. Armstrong promised to continue addressing illegal gambling in Oakland.

Yet, the police’s raid received a lot of praises and negative comments from Oakland residents. One positive comment was from Doung Nhi. He commented that he wondered why he saw people cuffed. Seeing the Facebook post, he understood why and commended the police.

However, Carlos Rodriguez had something different to say. According to him, illegal gambling will be back in the same spot in two weeks. He noted that the Oakland police department had raided another illegal gambling in Carlos’ block only for illicit gambling and crime to return shortly after.

Other Gambling Raids in California

Police in California has conducted other unconnected illegal gambling raids. For example, at the beginning of July, the police conducted a raid in Orange County. They discovered 12 gaming machines in an illegal gaming facility in Garden Grove. Twenty-four people were also arrested and are currently facing gambling charges.

According to the Orange County Register, there have been a series of raids in Orange County. Barely a month before the above raid, the police conducted another raid hoping to find illicit gaming facilities. During the June raid, police found 12 gaming machines and a firearm. Nineteen people were also arrested and charged with illegal gambling.

At the beginning of April, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) carried a raid in San Diego. They found 24 illegal gambling properties. There were 35 arrests, and 47 people were charged, whereby court cases might follow.

Illegal Gambling Is Affiliated To Gang Members

During the raid by the FBI, they found nine of the 24-raided businesses belonged to a gang member. The suspect goes by the name Long Tu, a 41-year-old man. He is also referred to as Long Ngoc Tran. According to the FBI, Long Tu is a member of a street gang known as V-Boys Vietnamese. The group is popular and has previously been convicted for possession of drugs and illegal gambling.

During the raid in San Diego, the FBI found 12 pounds of meth, 640 gambling machines, and $263,000 in cash. The investigation leading to the attack took two years.


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