British Poker Pro Finally Sentenced for Wife’s Murder

Marcus Bebb-JonesFor the past sixteen years, British poker pro Marcus Bebb-Jones has been running from his past. The poker pro was suspected of killing his wife, Sabrina Bebb-Jones, back in 1997 and instantly went on the run. The pro has been able to avoid sentencing for many years until yesterday.

Marcus admited that he was guilty just a short time ago and he has now been sentenced. The poker pro had denied killling his wife for years but this year he admitted to the murder and then subsequently placing his wife’s body in a national park in Colorado.

It was not until 2004 that Sabrina Bebb-Jones skull was found in the park. The two owned a hotel located in Grand Junction and this was the last place that Sabrina was seen. Directly after her disappearance, Marcus took the couple’s toddler son to Las Vegas, telling those close to him that he was looking for her in the city because her family lived there.

It was around this time that officials realized that Marcus had used Sabrina’s credit cards to pay for hotel rooms, a car rental as well as to gain cash advances at casinos. The court documents released in 2010 showed all of this information as well as reported that the couple’s son was found in the hotel room alone four days after they appeared in Las Vegas. The son was then taken into care by the state. After this, Marcus reportedly tried to commit suicide when he was found in another hotel room with a gunshot wound to his head that was self-inflicted.

in 1998, Marcus took his son and returned to the United Kingdom. He would not speak to US police at this time and was able to leave the country only to be approached years later after the skull was found and the case was opened once again. Once Sabrina’s skull was found, the peices of the puzzle began to come together and it was only a matter of time before enough evidence was found to charge Marcus with the crime.

The Colorado Judicial Department announced yesterday that Marcus Bebb-Jones was sentenced to twenty years in prison. He will now be spending his time in the Colorado Department of Corrections. Marcus came to a plea agreement wtih the District Attorney and he admitted to committing second degree murder which is why he has the lower sentence of just twenty years.



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