Another Super MILLION$ Title for Luke Reeves


Luke Reeves has managed to do it once again — to win another Super MILLION$ title. Reeves won his first title on December 10th, in turn earning a total of $381,241 for his effort. He then repeated the same feat on January 26th and increased his total poker earnings by another $408,406. His road towards victory was not easy, as he had to play poker against some of the best players in the world.

Final Table

One of them was Connor Drinan, who was also the first player to leave the rail at the final table. He entered the final nine as short-stacked. He went all-in with king-queen and stumbled upon Mike Watson and his ace-queen. Therefore, he had to say goodbye to others at the table and leave the game with a total of $51,050 in his pocket.

The next player to leave the game was Jonathan Proudfoot, and that happened during the same level as when Drinan left. Proudfoot three-bet to 560,000 with ace-six suited but stumbled upon Daniel Dvoress, who decided to shove with 25 big blinds and ace-ten. Proudfoot called this move and got another ace on the flop; however, Dvoress managed to catch running diamonds and won the pot. Proudfoot won $66,204.

The seventh-place was reserved for Mekler Larsson, who was actually the chip leader at the start of the final table. After a couple of back-and-forth bets, Larsson and David Yan were the only two people left who both shoved. Larsson had ace-ten, whereas Yan had ace-queen in his hand. Both players improved with an ace on the flop, but Yan had better hands overall, sending Larsson to the rail with $85,856 in winnings.

On the other hand, Eelis Parssinen is currently one of the best poker players in Finland, and he had to settle for sixth place and the prize of $11,342. He moved all-in with queen-seven, but Yan had ace-king of hearts and followed his move. This was the move that made Parssinen hit the rail for $111,342.

Fifth-Handed Play

Ole Schemion was the next one to leave the game when he raised all-in with pocket tens on the button. Another player who decided to call him was Watson with eights, as well as Reeves with kings. Reevers managed to flop a top set and improved to a full house. This meant that Schemion was out of the game, and Watson was left with just a bit over four big blinds. Schemion won $144,393.

Watson lost all his chips in the very next hand against Dvoress and won $187.255.

Dvoress was the last player to hit the rail before the heads-up. He was kicked out by Reeves, who then faced David Yan in the heads-up matchup. Dvoress won a total of $242,839.

At the start of the heads-up, Reeves had a 2-1 advantage in chips, and the final hand saw him three-bet all-in with ace-ten, which forced Yan to call with his remaining chips. Reeves improved to a flush on the turn and denied Yan’s shot at the title. Yan had to settle for the consolation prize of $314,924.

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