A Lucky Winners Hits The Jackpot in Vegas One Day After Reopening

Vegas is officially open again, and visitors are free to visit the Entertainment Capital of the World to have fun while playing their favorite casino games. It took less than a day after reopening for a lucky winner to win a jackpot, which is $670,637, at Caesars Palace. The guest, who wanted to remain anonymous, was playing a game called “Let It Ride” on Friday, which offered a progressive jackpot.

Caesars Palace opened its doors to visitors once again on June 4 at 10 AM. The property was closed for three months due to the coronavirus, just like the majority of other casinos in Nevada.

However, most of the casinos reopened and visitors came flocking in from the very first day. Some of them turned out to be quite lucky, as well. Caesars Palace was originally opened 54 years ago, and this is the first time in history that it had to shut down.

What Is “Let it Ride?”

The game that the lucky winner played is called “Let It Ride.” Although experienced poker players and casino goers are familiar with this card game, many newcomers are often confused with it.

“Let It Ride” is not a poker game, but rather a casino game that’s based on poker. The game is a type of video poker, and it was created by Bally Technologies.

The game was invented by John Breeding, who was the founder of Shuffle Master. He developed “Let It Ride” to fuel the demand for the shuffle machine that his company was selling back in the day.

Let It Ride” is still popular in many casinos, but not as popular as it used to be. One of the reasons why many casino players avoid it is that it comes with a relatively high house edge, which is approximately 3.51%. Compared to some other similar games, this is considered a big house edge.

Nevertheless, to attract more players, many casinos, including Caesars Palace, started offering jackpots and progressive jackpots which attracted those who wanted to test their luck. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the element of luck plays a very important role in “Let It Ride.”

The rules of the game are fairly simple and are considered a variation of five-card draw. The player gets three cards, and two community cards are dealt face-down.

What makes “Let It Ride” stand out from other video poker games is that players are allowed to withdraw a third of their initial bet. They can do that when they receive the three cards, but before the first community cards are revealed.

The second opportunity to withdraw a part of the wager is after the first card is revealed. If the player decides not to take back part of their wager, they then decide to “let it ride,” hence the name of the game.

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