ARJEL Reports 90% of FTP Funds Returned to French Players

While former Full Tilt Poker players in the United States slowly await the repayment process by the Department of Justice, French poker players are almost paid in full. ARJEL has announced that players of FullTiltPoker.FR members have been paid back €4.1m and only 10% of cash balances are left to be paid back.

Once the payment process is complete, a total of €4.9m is left to be paid. Rational Group, the parent company of PokerStars, agreed to pay back French players in full when they made an agreement with the DOJ. To reclaim their held funds, French as well as Italian players, had to transfer their balances to PokerStars for funds to be refunded.

ARJEL will be paying back the remainder of the FTP funds. Players who have yet to receive their money must download the new Full Tilt software. Once this has been done, players will then need to open a PokerStars.FR account. Players will then be given a code which will allow the Full Tilt Poker fund transfer to be sent to PokerStars. Once the money has been moved to PokerStars, players will be able to withdraw the funds.

So French players are about to be paid in full, while US players have yet to see their funds. However, a step was made in the process after the Department of Justice announced that they had decided on a claims administration group for the repayment process. The Garden City Group was chosen to handle the claims process for US players of Full Tilt Poker.

This is a big step in the process so hopefully US players will not have to wait very much longer before they are repaid their monies. Former Full Tilt Poker players have long awaited the end of this very long and drawn out process.

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