Strange Turn of Events in Ray Bitar Case

Ray Bitar is one of several named in the Black Friday case and is currently faces charges for his involvement in the case. Bitar surrendered in July of last year in New York and his case is currently taking place. In a strange turn of events, Bitar is now claiming to have a medical condition that is causing changes in his case.

Dave Behr of first reported the story that now has everyone in the industry talking. Lawyers representing Bitar, the former CEO of Full Tilt Poker, stated in a hearing last week that Bitar has a ‘medical condition’ which is impacting his case.

United States Attorney’s Office lawyers told Loretta Preska, the judge presiding over the case, that discussions for plea agreements are ‘superseded by a medical condition of the defendant’. Jack Baughman is top council for Bitar and Baughman requested the judge to clear the courtroom so the medical condition could be discussed in private. Baughman further requested that the court recordings of the transcript be sealed on behalf of privacy matters.

Once the discussion took place, the courtroom opened back up the public. The judge spoke about what happened while the courtroom was closed by stating: “The medical condition that (Bitar) faces makes it critical he try to resolve this case.” Judge Preska then granted a continuance for one month to allow Bitar to continue plea discussions. However, Baughman did state that the next hearing date may have to be determined by Bitar health conditions.

Bitar is the final member of Full Tilt Board who remains to complete court proceedings. In the coming weeks, more information should be released in this case. The statements made by officials makes it seem as though Bitar has a serious medical condition which is affecting the continuation of this case. We will report more information as it is released.

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