EPT Prague Single-Day High Roller Won by Thomas Boivin

Thomas Boivin has become the winner of the PokerStars European Poker Tour €25,000 Single Day High Roller and won a total of €375,520 by topping a 46-strong field of players who all decided to take their chances at the capital of Czech Republic.

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This has been a good year for Boivin, who also managed to end up on the sixth place at the €10,300 High Roller which happened just a week ago where he won €25,800. However, today was his day, and he managed to do better than his colleagues, some of whom are world-class poker players. The last obstacle was Steve O’Dwyer himself, with whom Boivin competed in the heads-up play to win the biggest live tournament cash of his lifetime.

On the other hand, it seems that O’Dwyer is cursed not to win any High Roller events at EPT Prague. He was able to reach the fifth and the sixth place in 2016, meaning that he made progress by ending up second. Furthermore, he will definitely participate at the €25,000 Singe Day High Roller event which will also take place as a part of the festival in Prague.

Boivin gave a brief statement, saying that he was pretty new to live poker with high stakes. He added that the reason for him starting to play more high roller events was that he wanted to play regularly for more money. Moreover, he added that he wasn’t even hoping to snatch the first prize at his first High Roller event and that it had given him a boost and self-confidence to participate in other high stakes tournaments as well.

Boivin continued, stating that the dynamic at the final table was rather interesting. It consisted of very competent players and Boivin was still getting used to playing for big money. He added that he was still learning by doing a lot of talking and observing. Furthermore, he stated that the game had been played at a very high level which made it particularly interesting. Boivin said that talking and observing definitely wasn’t enough, but it had brought him confidence and it felt great to win the tournament. He was even confident enough to say that he has big plans in January and that he is going to win the $25k event in the Bahamas.

Players who made it to the final table include Stefan Huber from Switzerland who earned €77,310, Pavel Plesuv from Moldova who ended up fifth for €99,400, Michael Addamo from Australia in fourth place for €127,010, and a Turkish player called Orpen Kisacikoglu who won €165,670 in third. It is not difficult to recognize some of these names even if you are a poker rookie since some of them have almost reached the status of a poker-legend.

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