Macau to Ban Europeans to Enter due to Coronavirus?

If there’s one thing that the region of Macau succeeded at since the start of 2020, it’s getting rid of the coronavirus. The Asian gaming capital has been actively working on providing a healthy space for all visitors, and even had a shut-down during which casinos did not work at all.

This was a serious blow to the economy of Macau, but human lives and well being is what matters in the end. Now that Macau is officially coronavirus-free, they are going to open the gates and let people in.

Lei Chin Ion, Director of Health Bureau of Macau, stated that they had achieved a very significant goal of having no severe cases, as well as no deaths or further infections. He then thanked the front line personnel for doing a great job.

One cannot help but applaud Macau for handling the situation splendidly. Namely, it is a region closely associated with China, with a lot of Chinese tourists traveling to the place. The number of confirmed cases remained relatively small, and no official deaths took place.

Most importantly, casinos are working once again.

However, it seems that not all nations are welcome in the city. Namely, people coming from some European and Asian countries must undergo an eight-hour-long quarantine period during which they need to be checked for potential signs of the coronavirus.

Which Countries Are on the List?

To keep things safe and make sure that the recovery process takes place, Macau will put visitors from several countries in a quarantine. The countries that were initially on the list are Iran, Italy, and South Korea, as the three of them currently have the biggest problem with the coronavirus.

The list was extended afterward, with France, Germany, Japan, and Spain being added to the list.

However, there’s a possibility that Macau will put the entire continent of Europe on the list. According to Ion, they assume that the situation in Europe will worsen and that the entire continent might be considered a high-risk area.

As the virus is spreading, more countries are actually making similar lists. Namely, Japan has placed similar restrictions on all people who arrive from Macau, Hong Kong, mainland China, and South Korea. All arrivals from these areas will have to undergo a 14-day quarantine period before they are let into the country.

Japan has been planning its emerging casino industry for some time now, and there’s a chance that its plans will be postponed once again due to coronavirus. Therefore, it’s very possible that the initial three Japanese integrated resorts will be delayed for some time.

Thailand also imposed similar measures to Japan, as all people who travel from China, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy, Macau, and South Korea will have to self-quarantine if they want to visit Thailand.

Thailand’s officials advised all who want to travel to Thailand to postpone their plans to respect the health measures the country has taken to prevent the coronavirus from spreading.

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