Nevada Governor Pushing for Interstate Poker

by Sadonna Price on January 22, 2013

It seems as though federal legislation for online poker is never going to happen, so lawmakers in the state of Nevada have decided to push in different ways to see interstate poker available online. The governor of the state is now pushing for an interstate online poker option within the next month.

Brian Sandoval, the current governor of Nevada, announced in his state of the state address that he would like to see state legislatures approve an amendment to the laws that would ease the transition of interstate online poker. The governor stated:

“Nevada has always been the gold standard of both gaming regulation and operation, and I intend to see to it that our state will lead the world into this new frontier. Other states are moving quickly on this issue and I ask you to pass a bill within 30 days.”

Currently, the Gaming Control Board of Nevada has created a proposal that would eliminate the wording of state law that currently prohibits a license to operate gaming on an interstate level unless it is authorized by federal legislation. If this amendment passes, the governor would then be able to enter into agreements with other states that offer online poker to provide an interstate option.

In the past, Sandoval supported federal regulation of online gambling options and stated during his address: “In the absence of federal action on this issue, Nevada must continue to lead. The promise of these ideas is real. The chance to innovate is exciting.”

Harry Reid, a senator of Nevada, spoke on a local television program just last week and hinted that federal regulation in the matter is now more difficult. Sandoval seems to be taking matters into his own hands and we may soon see online interstate poker become a reality.

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