2+2 Member Reports $100K Stolen From Lock Poker Account

A high stakes online poker player has come forward on the popular poker forum 2+2 that he had over $100K stolen from his account at Lock Poker, the largest online poker skin on the Revolution Gaming Network. In total, it looks as though $54K alone was transferred to what we can only assume is the scammer’s account, while the rest was dumped to another player at high stakes Omaha at Lock.

The scammed member – also known as ‘_MicahJ_’ on 2+2 – revealed that a player going by the handle ‘highgrind22’ wanted to buy some of his Lock Poker funds over this past weekend. After ‘_MicahJ_’ sat at a table to confirm he had the funds available for a trade to ‘highgrind22,’ he proceeded to download what he THOUGHT was a screenshot of the trader’s bank account to confirm he too had the cash available to make the transaction.

Unfortunately, it looks as if that the screenshot he actually downloaded was an .exe file and most likely a keylogger program, which can be the kiss of death for any poker player with any type of sizable bankroll online. In fact, keyloggers have been responsible for the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the online poker over the past few years, especially in the high stakes community.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a keylogger, it’s a type of executable file that is used to access sensitive information on your computer, especially passwords. It can be downloaded on to your computer very easily and is normally disguised just as carefully. Once it’s installed it is HIGHLY recommended you go to another PC at another location other than your home, change ALL your passwords that may be compromised (which is most likely all of them with a keylogger) and hire a technician to sweep your original computer clean.

After dozens and dozens of responses thus far in the 2+2 thread that ‘_MicahJ_’ started, it looks as if Lock Poker has already launched an investigation into this entire ordeal. This was a quote taken from a Lock rep that had been initially alerted about the situation:

“Micah – The reason your account was locked is because I emailed the owner along with the head of security at Lock within about a half hour of you creating this thread (thank Adam Sherman/Squee451 as well for tweeting me about it). Rest assured that it’s being investigated by the exact people you want handling it.”

Shane Bridges, the lead affiliate manager at Lock, has been collaborating with ‘_MicahJ_’ to get the issue resolved. As of right now the story is still ongoing and there’s no timeframe on when or if any of the stolen money will be credited back to this member’s Lock Poker account.


It looks as if the 2+2 member MicahJ’s Lock user name was “GimmeDAT” and had been under a hacker’s control for several days at Lock Poker. The hacker that was behind the account (using the keylogger as mentioned above) and went on to lose $80,000 to a Lock regular while playing Omaha 8-or-better.

The player who WON the $80K is posting on 2+2 to claim he knew nothing about the scammer that had allegedly taken over MicahJ’s Lock Poker account until he saw the thread that’s been the catalyst for this story. The member, known as FWHITNEYDOH, posted this shortly after his account was frozen:

I’m hoping shane or some other revolution rep can weigh in on the situation. My account and all my funds are still locked and I’m being kept in the dark by my skin’s security department.

While all of this new information was being revealed another member by the name of TyTy started posting chats that he and the alleged scammer himself had via text message. The scammer admitted to stealing funds from MicahJ and that he did indeed lose $80K over an 8-hour stretch to one of the Omaha regulars at Lock Poker. This regular is the one who recently posted that he knew nothing of the scam (as mentioned previously) and that it was definitely not a chip dump.

Stay tuned…

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