Tom Marchese Wins NAPT Venetian Stop

PokerStars North American Poker Tour held their first ever tour stop at the Venetian in Las Vegas this week and the main event has finished up. The main event of the tour stop had a field of 872 and it was twenty two year old poker pro Tom ‘kingofcards’ Marchese who outlasted the other competitors to down the first place win.

Several poker pros and celebrities participated in the event including Vanessa Rousso, Tom McEvoy, Bill Chen and Greg Raymer. Celebrities included Orel Hershiser, Brad Garrett and Montel Williams. The buy-in for the tournament was $5,000 and the prize pool was so large that the winner earned just over $800,000.

The tournament took days to complete and when the final table began, Marchese found himself sitting beside Sam Stein, Daniel Clemente, Yunus Jamal, David Paredes, Thomas Fuller, John Cernuto and Eric Blair.

In the end it would be Marchese facing Sam Stein in heads up play. Marchese was sitting with the low chip stack but it would not be long until his controlled aggression helped him pull out the win. On the final hand Stein called Marchese’s river shove holding 4-2 on a 4-5-9-4-10 board when Marchese held pocket 10s. Stein would go out in second place and Marchese would earn the first place win.

Marchese commented on his first place win by stating: “When you get heads up you never know what’s going to happen. I was fortunate enough to make some hands and I got called pretty light. I know that it’s frustrating to go from a pretty dominate chip lead to suddenly being dominated yourself, so people tend to almost spite call. The tide really turned in the space of about five hands were it all went well for me and fell apart for him.”

Final Results:

1. Tom Marchese – $827,648
2. Sam KingKobeMVP Stein – $522,306
3. Daniel Clemente – $309,366
4. Yunus Jamal – $241,064
5. David Paredes – $184,816
6. Thomas Fuller – $144,639
7. “Miami” John Cernuto – $104,461
8. Eric blizair Blair – $60,266

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