Asia is made up of 50 different countries and trusted territories with China being the most populated of them all. many of with have their own languages and dialects. The most densely populated country in Asia is Macau. In fact, Macau is the most densely populated region in the entire world. Macau is also the #1 casino revenue generator in the world.

Casinos in Asia

Macau CasinosMacau Casinos – China

Macau is currently the #1 casino destination in the entire world after beating out the Unites States’ Las Vegas Nevada for that spot.  Macau’s #1 position is based on the countries gambling revenues which jumped 13.5% in 2012 reaching a record $38 billion.

Singapore CasinosSingapore Casinos

Singapore is an island located in Asia that is home to about 5.3 million people. Singapore is known as the second hottest gambling destination in Asia, and is also on the heels of Las Vegas gearing up to overtake the United States casino destination in gambling revenues.

Citizens and permanent residents of Singapore must pay a tax to enter casinos that is a lot like a membership fee. Residents can opt to purchase a casino day pass, or an annual pass for entry.    Daily passes are available for 100 Singapore dollars, which is the equivalent to about $80USD.

Kuala Lumpurgenting-highlands-Malaysia

Just outside of Kaula Lumpur there is a popular gambling destination Asian casino destination. In fact, the Genting Highlands Casino is the only live casino located in all of Malaysia.

The casino is located atop a hill and is accessible either by car, or by cable car; which makes it a fabulous day-trip destination from Kuala Lumpur.  The casino isn’t the only thing the hilltop complex has to offer tourists however.

The Genting Highlands complex also hosts the largest theme park in all of Malaysia, among other tourist attractions.

philippines flagCasinos in the Philippines

Philippines is a country located in far East Asia that offers legalized gambling. The 13 cities that make up the country host a total of 19 casinos. A total of six, out of those 19 casinos are located in Manila.

The largest casino in all of the Phillipines is Filipino Parañaque which is in Parañaque City. The casino features about 80 different table games, and more than 700 slot machines and video poker games.

Kangwon Land CasinoSouth Korean Casinos

There are a total of licensed casinos located in South Korea. Just like in Vietnam, nationals are not allowed to gamble in most Korean casinos, with the exception of one, the Kangwon Land Resort which is located in Sabuk which is located in eastern Gangwon, a very remote part of South Korea.

Kangwon Land Resort 1st opened its doors in 2000, offers very well populated games of blackjack, baccarat, Tai-sai and roulette in addition to slots and video poker style games.  Because Kangwon Land Resort offers gambling to Korean nationals it is, despite its remote location, the busiest casino located in South Korea. It’s recommended that casino goers reserve a seat at the tables in advance.

Veitnamese flagVietnamese Casinos

The first legal casino in Vietnam opened its doors to tourists from around the world in 1992. To date, there are a total of 7 casinos located in Vietnam. Vietnamese nationals are not allowed to enter the casinos which all require visitors to show their passports at the door.

Playing at online casinos in Asia – let alone a country like Vietnam – often presents its own set of challenges compared to gamblers who live in the western world. With lower credit card penetration rates, lack of depositing methods and often little or no regulation it can be be a little overwhelming to users. We recommend following this guide for country specific information and “on the ground” guides to gambling online in this particular region of Asia.

Poker in Asia

Much like the casino industry, poker in Asia is booming. The continent as a whole is really just opening up to the idea of legalized gambling, and online gambling sites and major poker promoters are taking notice. New casinos and poker sites such as are opening up to the local gambling market offering poker games in the most commonly spoken Asian languages.

Major Poker Events in Asia

  • Asian Poker LadiesAAPT – Asia Poker Tour
  • ANZPT Sydney  held at The Star Casino
  • Leisure World Poker Series
  • Asian Poker Tour Philippines
  • ANZPT Repechage
  • ANZPT Queenstown

Bingo in Asia

Bingo isn’t a really popular land based game in Asia, where games like Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat, Mahjong and Keno prevail; however, the game is growing in popularity among Asian citizens online.



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