Will Pengelly, a 20-Year-Old Poker Player, Wins WinStar River PS Main Event

Poker is certainly a game that requires every single muscle in the brain to be activated the whole time. It can be trained just like every other sport, but sometimes a natural appears and one such case is Will Pengelly. He managed to prove that by winning a WinStar River Poker Series $2,500 Main Event. He obviously could not hide his happiness and as he was taking a winner photo, he stated that it was the reason why he played tournaments.

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Will is only 20 years old and is still a student. That only meant one thing – he had to skip classes in his University of North Texas in order to be present at the tournament. It seems that it was all worth it in the end as he managed to complete the competition and take home a nice sum of $249,310.

Cash games are his favorites, and Will has been an active player at WinStars ever since he became of legal age for playing poker. He, naturally, did not have a lot of experience when it comes to tournaments and he had never cashed a tournament before, although he had a nice couple of runs in several cash games on the local level.

In a short statement that he gave, he compared the tournaments to a lottery. Will stated that they were pretty much alike as many people would apply but there would be only one winner. Although the game of Poker is much more than sheer luck, Will did have a couple of lucky hands which helped him stand in the game. However, it is undeniable that young Will has a great sense for poker and that there is a bright future ahead of him.

The players were discussing a chop for a couple of times during the game and they decided to do it when there were only five players left in the game. Since Pengelly had the chip lead, he took home the biggest prize. Ekrem Bozkurt was right after him with a sum of $215,170, then Banghart with a sum of $206,570. The fourth place went to Ricky Greem who won $205,710 and the fifth place went to Baranowski for $144,000.

There was a turbo play to determine who the bracelet winner will be and Pengelly finished the whole thing in less than an hour, winning his first tournament with just 20 years of age. A lot of interesting talks happened during the tournament. For example, Banghart acted as a father figure for Pengelly, giving him pieces of advice which are not related to poker but to life. One such piece of advice was not to quit school no matter the outcome of the game.

Pengelly wanted to buy a nice car with his money, but that wish will not come true as most of it will go into a bank – probably for his tuition. Nevertheless, he will turn 21 soon, and this means that a lot of places will become open to him.

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