What’s that you say? SallyWHO?

Whatever it is that you say, you’d better be certain to specify that it is indeed opinion, or actual factual documented fact, as Sally… what’s-her-name. Is on the war path, in my opinion.

Poker LawsuitsIn a 2+2 online poker forum update, regarding recent Full Tilt Poker lawsuits, there was some confusion over the names SallyWoo and SillySal (also known in online poker rooms as pokergirl_z). One of these Silly Sally’s is currently salivating over her lawsuit with Full Tilt Poker. The rumor is that the SillySal, not to be mistaken for SallyWOO is accused of using online poker bots to beat the tables at Full Tilt Poker.

The poker room then ceased the poker players cash, froze the account.

Another rumor is that SillySal admitted to using the bots.

SillySal seems to be in a SueingSal mood however, and denies making any such claim. First things first, this silly sal would like to their identity cleared. Second on the agenda, you to could be seen in a suit by sal, if you start saying silly things.

SillySal Said:

am not sallywoo

and to you, sallywoo, i did not admit to using bots… but if you want to continue to post false and injurous statements be aware that you could be sued for libel… just letting you know in case you did not have this information.


SallyWoo had this to say:

Some people calls and me told that I be the mentioned in poker for wrong accuse. I never done the bots. This a sillysal player who did the admit it. I promise, I SallyWoo never did the bot. The Sally was wrong mentioned. People be the misunderstood and Sally name was used wrongly.


Sally sells seashells by the seashore.
She sells seashells on the seashell shore.
The seashells she sells are seashore shells,
Of that I’m sure.
She sells seashells by the seashore.
She hopes she will sell all her seashells soon.
If neither he sells seashells
Nor she sells seashells,
Who shall sell seashells?

Stay tuned for more nursery rhymage later. In fact, we might even touch on those other FullTilt poker lawsuits.  Here’s the thread if you’d like to join in the banter.

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