Trash Talking Mike Matusow Takes Aim At ‘DaEvils’

It was supposed to be an action packed FTOPS IX Event 22, pitting skills vs. skills in a battle to the finish at Full Tilt Poker. Instead, it became an all-out war of words as Mike Matusow and ‘DaEvils’ verbally blasted one another for what seemed to be hours.

Matusow quipped about players thinking he would actually bluff on the first hand, and DaEvils immediately accused him of trash talking. It only got more explosive and explicitly immature as the poker tournament continued.

DaEvils criticized Matusow’s play of the hand, to which Matusow called all online poker players (as opposed to live players) “idiots”. To make matters worse, and fuel the fire for DaEvils, Mike seemed to have some trouble with his keyboard (yes, we’ll blame the keyboard) as he could not seem to offer a single post without repetitive typos. Not to say that DaEvils typing skills were perfect – not even close – but he was at least articulate during the exchange.

As the immature argument escalated, DaEvils took jabs at Mike’s tournament play, saying things like, “it’s just pathetic you pros that talk so miuch trash about medium sized pots… when you’re constantly broke and begging for stakes.” (Please note that I have not removed any typos from the original text 🙂

At one point, Matusow responded to his foe by posting monotonous strings of “wheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” and other repetitive-letter posts.

DaEvils was quick to respond with, “mike you’re actually just acting like the idiot 8 yer old who puts his hands over his ears and goes “nah nahy nah nah i can’t hear you.”

The adolescent behavior did not go without notice as it has been the hot topic at online poker forums all over the Internet. While neither participant was applauded for their behavior, Matusow certainly took the brunt of culpability for his childlike attitude.

At one point, Matusow accused DaEvils of being jealous of his poker success. DaEvils quickly responded, “as much as i’d like to have substance abuse problems… and constantly go broke… i think i’ll find somebody else to idolize.” That certainly didn’t help to defuse the situation!

Towards the end of the verbal altercation, DaEvils made several attempts to get Mike Matusow to agree to a live, heads-up match between the two. He went offered to make it a mixed game with Pot Limit Omaha and 8 or Better in the assortment, “which you’re supposedly best in the world at”, DaEvils finished.

Despite the recurring offers to play one-on-one, in person, Matusow never once responded to the offer – not to say yes, no or anything else in relation to the question – rather continuing his verbal abuse in the same foolish manner.

I must say, I hope these two do not ever play against one another at a live table. Judging by the level of maturity shown at the Full Tilt Poker online poker room, I can just imagine what these two would revert to if they met face to face.

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