Internet Gambling Bill to Return Americans Freedom to gamble

A new Internet gambling bill was introduced to the house by Barney Frank just a month after the WTO (World Trade Organization) ruled against the U.S. in the complaint filed by Antigua and Barbuda. Both of these small nations rely on online gambling for revenue and claim that the gambling ban imposed by the U.S. was in violation of international trade law. Barney Franks introduction of a new bill, may not be a coincidence.

Just a month after the WTO (world Trade Organization) ruled against the United States in a complaint filed by the countries of Antigua and Barbuda, Barney Frank introduces a new Internet gambling bill. Coincidence? Some say no. The original complaint was won by the smaller countries due to the allowance in the united states of online bets primarily allowed on horse races. The WTO stated that the US was in violation of the World Trade Agreement as long as the country allowed these online bets from within America, and did not allow online betting from within the United States to online gambling sites in places such as Antigua and Barbuda, countries that rely heavily on the income derived from online gambling.

The World Trade decision allows 60 days for the United states to begin the appeal process, after this time has passed, the countries making the original complaint will have the right to ask that the World Trade Organization impose trade sanctions against the United States, once asked, the WTO will have no other choice than to uphold the World Trade Agreement and create these sanctions against the United States.

With all of this going on, Barney Frank has released his new bill, which according to would exempt licensed operators from a current ban on Internet gambling. The US Government would then have to ability to license gaming companies to accept bets online. In regards to the new online gambling bill Barney Frank was quoted stating that the existing ban is “An inappropriate interference on the personal freedom of Americans … and should be undone.

The previous bill was developed and introduced by Rep Bob Goodlatte, R-Va, as a last minute attachment to the Port Security bill, completely unrelated. President Bush signed this bill into law during October of 2006, due to the new line veto laws, the president had two choices, shoot down port security, or sell out online gambling.

The bill effectively made it against the law to for banks, and/or credit card companies to process any revenue involving bets made on the internet.

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