High Stakes Poker $1.2 Million Pot That Wasn’t

It was in the beginning of this season $500,000 buy-in Texas hold’em cash game that Doyle Brunson stated that no one can really afford to play these limits, except the billionaire, Guy Laliberte. It was also noted by Gabe Kaplan at the beginning of the latest show that all the deals being made at the end of hands is because of all no one wants to get hurt financially. It was a little later in the show that it all came together again and you witnessed a huge pot and maybe the most unbelievable but most kind deal to date.

This poker show has had a lot of large pots over the last few episodes and this one had the biggest ever, technically. It started with a fold around to Sammy Farha in the cut off who raised to $4,200 with Ace Hearts, 3 Clubs. David Benyamine calls on button with Ace Clubs, 8 Clubs and Guy Laliberte, who has played virtually every hand since winning some pots early, called in small blind with King Diamonds, 5 Diamonds. Daniel Negreanu gets out the way in the big blind.

The flop comes King Clubs, 3 Diamonds, 5 Clubs and Laliberte checks his two pair and Farha bets $13,000 with his bottom pair. Benyamine raises his nut flush draw to $43,000. Back to Laliberte now who re-raises $168,000 making it $125,000 to call. Farha folds and then it gets interesting.

David Benyamine stands up, looks around, contemplates his flush draw for $600,000. Laliberte lends back and as he flips over his cards to show two pair says, I have to think about it.I know these are some of the best poker faces in the world but David literally looked sick when he saw the two pair of Laliberte. After contemplating a bit, Laliberte calls,then it gets REAL interesting.

Immediately after the call David asks how many times you want to run it, Laliberte says once. On these big pots is where the deals are usually made, running the rest of the hand 2, 3 and even 4 times to finally decide the winner percentage of the pot. David is noticeably uncomfortable then Guy says, genuinely, that that pot is probably more important to David than to him and David can decide what deal is to be made.

Doyle summed it up best when he committed, This represents one day in his life (Laliberte), it represents your life.

Then an incredible offer from Guy Laliberte, he suggests that they play for what in the pot before the all-in. With a big smile David said,

That I can’t say no too.

Then it gets better, Guy said I will just take what’s in the middle and its over. David said OK and though everyone wanted to see the outcome, no more cards were dealt and the biggest hand in High Stakes Poker history, never happened.

Again, Doyle sums it up when he said told David, You got some equity there.

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