Fabian Quoss Wants to Quit Poker

A couple of days ago Fabian Quoss posted a picture on his Instagram account witch which he wanted to announce his exit from poker.

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This player certainly has a lot of great poker moments behind him. In fact, only in 2016 did he manage to win more than $2.7 million in earnings from tournaments. It was his second-best year, right after 2014 during which he managed to earn as much as $3.1.

But 2016 was his last active year as a matter of fact. During 2017 he managed to win just $41,024 – a sum which would have been great for many, but not that great from Quoss. Since the beginning of 2018, he did not record any winnings.

Quoss wrote on his social media accounts that a lot of people asked him why he had not been playing for a while. He continued by stating that he wanted to share his thoughts on social media. In a lengthy text, he explained that he had been spending too much time and focus on poker and that it turned into an “unhealthy obsession.”

At one point, he had become interested in seeking other focus points in life, which had resulted in his hiatus – or maybe even a full-time retirement from playing poker.

Quoss added a conclusion where he stated that he respected all the players who had been doing their best to become great poker players, but that for him personally spending time on poker was not an option.

Quoss also said that he wanted to plan his retirement from poker one step at a time. He did not want to rush into new things right after quitting. In fact, he said that the obligation that he had been feeling while playing poker was actually one of the biggest discontent sources.

Quoss was actually under pressure for this constant thought that life is a constant optimization process and that one needs to devote time to becoming better every day. It seems that he has grown tired and changed his perspective on life a lot – believing that self-improvement and keeping one’s mind occupied all the time is not the way for him anymore.

Quoss stated on his Instagram post that he had a problem with being obsessed with something as soon as he started doing that. It seems that poker was his main obsession and letting it go was a great life lesson for him – a lesson that it is okay not to obsess over something.

Finally, Quoss stated that he wants to find some new activity which he would enjoy even if he did not master it and had a compulsive need to “solve it.” He added that he needed to learn how to be kind to himself and not to push himself too much. However, he promised to keep his great beard on for a long time!

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