Doyle Brunson and His Son Todd Offen a New Poker Course

Doyle Brunson

Doyle Brunson is the living legend of poker and he is nicknamed The Godfather of Poker. People who followed his career know that he is capable of many things and that he has won dozens of tournaments during his lifetime. Being in his eighties, Brunson decided to play one last tournament this summer and this made everyone think that he will completely retire from poker and all of the things that surround the game. And it only sounds logical for someone who is 84 to retire – right? Wrong.

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Doyle Brunson is still active and plays some really big cash games at the Bellagio almost every day. However, a recent action from his side made his fans and fans of poker really happy. He decided to team up with Todd, his son and announced his new training course which will be named Brunson Poker Pro.

The price of the course will be $149 and it will include a book, audio CD, charts, flashcards, and the access to the website which provides all the other materials. Some of the things included on the system’s website are bluffs, tells, board textures, etc. Basically, it covers every possible aspect of poker for people who want to upgrade their game.

The website states that everyone who buys course will be able to learn the advanced strategies of NL Texas Hold’em and will not have to spend years acquiring them since everything is available in the course. They add that the method of teaching poker in the course is similar to the way the brain works and processes information. This means that they occupy senses and make you do things practically until you learn them.

Doyle Brunson is already familiar with all that internet has to offer and tries to stay up-to-date with everything. In fact, he was the face of a poker site called Doyles Room online. The project which was created by the Brunsons was announced on Twitter.

Doyle stated that his son Todd had been waiting to make one such course for a couple of years. However, he added that he had had too much on his plate and that he had been unable to focus only on one thing such as creating a poker course. Brunson senior added that they covered things such as basic strategy, playing variance, problems in different situations and their solutions, tell watching, and a lot of other aspects of poker.

Todd Brunson stated that their final goal was to go beyond basic info and offer all the students who bought the course something more – the ability to learn from the in-game situations that had happened in real life. He added that their system used in the course based on the techniques that were proven.

Doyle will turn 85 on August 10 and this summer all of the poker lovers watched him say goodbye to his favorite game in a WSOP event. However, he says that people took his retirement wrong and that he was just talking about not playing WSOP. But when it comes to poker as a whole – Brunson has big plans.

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