2018 Bucharest Unibet Open – Anton Vinokurov Wins Main Event

A new champion emerged in the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest €1,100 Main Event and his name is Anton Vinokurov who did an incredible job which is not often seen. Vinokurov had a great chip lead throughout the entire day and was the only person that survived among the 592 people who started this tournament at first. His victory was crowned with the total of €103,060. The two other people who won the 2nd and the 3rd place are Cosmin Cimpeanu and Carmen Zainescu, the winner of Unibet Open Bucharest Ladies Event.

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When the day started, the chip lead was in Vinakurov’s hands and he maintained it throughout the whole third day – up until he emerged a winner. In fact, when there were only 12 players left in the game, Vinokurov had about 30% of all chips and did not allow any player to take that away from him.

Naturally, the winner sad a few words about his victory, stating that he had been playing good and some players had also played well while others had not. Moreover, Vinokurov added that he had believed that must finish the tournament among the first three players as soon as the last day had started, simply due to the fact that he had been a chip leader at that point. He also stated that when only five players had remained in the game, he was 100% sure that he would win and had known that no player at that point had been able to beat him.

The action that happened among the last three players was rather intense. Only 15 minutes after Florin Elisei was sent to the rail, it was time for the winner of the Ladies Event  Zainescu to go home as she had an ace-four against the ace-jack that the second-place player Cimpeanu had. The flop showed another jack at that moment, and it was at that point that the game ended for Zainescu and she had to leave the game.

The heads-up was between the Romanian player Cimpeanu and the Russian Vinokurov. Cimpeanu had a queen-trey while the flop gave trips to Vinokurov. The first betting round was checked by both players and when the river opened, Cimpeanu got a pair. Vinokurov waited several seconds and then simply went all-in. This put a lot of pressure on Cimpeanu who probably thought that his opponent was bluffing. He also waited a couple of seconds and then finally called the bet. But as soon as Vinokurov had a chance to open his hand, Cimpeanu saw the bad news and it was time for him to go home with the total of €64,050.

Some of the other players that were present in the last table were Florin Elisei, Adrian Ionescu, Voytech Susta, Vitalijs Zavorotnijs, Amir Shomron, and Daniel Chutrov. Four of these players are Romanians, making Romania the most dominant country in this event.

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