PokerStars Championship Barcelona High Roller Win Goes to Igor Kurganov

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The High Roller event of the PokerStars Championship Barcelona would be a star-studded affair with top poker pros trying to be the last one standing. The event finished up recently with one poker pro dominating the field. Once the final table was set, it would be Igor Kurganov who would run the table, eliminating six people in order to earn the first-place win.

PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu would be the first eliminated from the final table despite being at the middle when it came to chip stacks as the final table got started. Negreanu would lose an all-in preflop hand against Dietrich Fast which would hurt his chip count. On the very next hand he would be eliminated by Kurganov, the first of many to leave the final table due to Kurganov’s game play.

After eliminating Negreanu, Kurganov would get to work taking down player after player, working his way to heads-up play. The next to go would be Stanley Choi as Kurganov would put him out with A-K of clubs against Choi’s pocket jacks. Kurganov would eliminate Christopher Kruk in 6th, Dietrich Fast in fourth and then Koray Aldemir in third. The pro basically eliminated almost the entire field to get to heads-up play.

When heads-up play began, there was discussion of a deal between the two players. An agreement was set shortly after discussions began and then 30 minutes later, Kurganov would earn the win. On the final hand, Machon would go all-in with Q-J of hearts and Kurganov would call with pocket queens. The queens were the better hand and Kurganov would claim the title win, earning just over €1,000,000 in prize money.

Final Results:

Place Player Prize
First Igor Kurganov €1,078,106
Second Bartlomiej Machon €864,694
Third Koray Aldemir €528,500
Fourth Dietrich Fast €406,790
Fifth Ivan Luca €332,100
Sixth Christopher Kruk €251,900
Seventh Bryn Kenney €198,200
Eighth Stanley Choi €154,900
Ninth Daniel Negreanu €117,700



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