New Details Emerge from the Recent Bellagio Robbery in Las Vegas

Poker game robbed in Fairbanks AlaskaJust last weekend, the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas was robbed of $43,500 by a man who pulled a gun on a woman working at the cashier’s cage of the casino. Police were able to use information gathered over the past few days to make an arrest and new details have now been released from the case. Scott Carmitchel was in court this past Tuesday and information from the robbery was released during the hearing.

According to a recent report by PocketFives, Carmitchel now faces several charges and has been connected to a previous robbery. Carmitchel has been accused of entering the Bellagio and pulling a gun with an orange tip from a backpack and pointing it at the cashier at around 8:30 in the evening on Friday August 1st. Once the cashier handed over the cash, the robber left the scene. According to information on the case, investigators were able to find Carmitchel after a tourist in Las Vegas told police that a man had offered him several hundred dollars to book a hotel room at Hard Rock.

After learning this information, detectives began to watch the hotel room and saw four prostitutes leave the room. They stopped the prostitutes and began questioning them about the man in the room. The prostitutes stated that they were hired by the man to socialize with him and carry large amounts of money. Some of the cash was said to be labeled for the Bellagio Casino. The man also took the prostitutes shopping at Caesars and acted erratically according to the women’s testimony.

Investigators then entered the hotel room and saw clothing worn by the Bellagio robbery as well as a BB gun, cash and luxury shoes and clothing. Carmitchel stated that the women worked out with him and that the money was found in the parking lot of the Bellagio. Once detectives showed him a photo from the robbery he admitted he was the person in the photo, but said that he guessed he was smoking too much, denying the robbery.

With the items found in the guest room, detectives had enough evidence to not only able to connect Carmitchel to the Bellagio robbery but also to a robbery that took place three days earlier at the City National Bank. During this robbery, over $4,300 was stolen. He now faces one count of interference with commerce for the robbery which took place at the Bellagio and one count of armed bank robbery for the incident at the City National Bank.



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