Gambling Channels Blocked on YouTube under Recent Changes of Rules

The new YouTube’s Arbitrary Moderation Process is the main cause for the deletion of gambling channels on this platform. The website has started this process by closing several channels which directly violated the new rules, according to The Atlantic.

One of the owners of a gambling channel, Brian Christopher, informed the public via his website about his channel being shut down. He also showed the picture of an email in which YouTube informs him of this action.

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The name of his channel is BrianChristopherSlots and Christopher had more than a thousand vlogs which are connected to the gambling niche, mainly to slots. It was a relatively popular channel with approximately 80,000 subscribers and a total of 50 million views on all videos.

Soon it was evident that Brian was not the only victim of YouTube and that all other popular channels that were about gambling were blocked at the same time.

In the email that the owners of these channels received, YouTube makes an explanation why the channels are suspended. According to this platform, the channels had severe and continuous violations of the guidelines which involved acts that are dangerous and of high-risk. Also, they stated that these violations could lead to individuals seriously harming themselves or even dying.

However, Brian Christopher did not accept well this as his YouTube channel was his primary source of income. In fact, he stated that he had always checked with casinos and slots manufacturers that they are okay with the videos. Christopher expresses his concern because his full-time work was mainly creating and uploading videos to YouTube.

Moreover, Christopher added that there were no things in his videos that were against the guidelines such as explicit content or swearing. He went on criticizing YouTube for never clarifying their rules and policies completely.

What is Different with YouTube?

Starting in 2018, YouTube has made some serious changes which nobody expected. Mainly, they changed the way channels are monetized, and this made small channels difficult to earn via this platform. This resulted in many YouTubers and vloggers that own smaller channels trying to reach YouTube – all in vain. Many channels were suspended, and these owners were given automated emails without the in-depth explanation of their suspensions. Some of the YouTubers went on blaming YouTube for their lack of transparency when it comes to the rules and regulations.

Back to the gambling, it is safe to say that it is an industry which was not present at large on YouTube but had potential to expand. In fact, there are several gambling channels whose number of subscribers is over 100,000. So far, all the people who own gambling channels are in danger, especially if these are their primary and only source of income. With the users and the owners outraged, this could potentially escalate into a real problem that may be difficult to resolve.

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