US Poker Players in an Uproar Over Garden City Group Tweet

Full Tilt Poker Another plot twist in the Full Tilt Poker re-payment saga came to a head earlier this week, this time involving the claims processor in charge of US payouts. Since the naming of the Garden City Group as the primary claims administrator, players had reason to be hopeful about getting their cash soon.

Unfortunately, after more than 2 years of American player funds being held hostage, the situation itself has become increasingly disheartening for those waiting for their money. On top of all this, the Garden City Group is lobbying via social media to be considered as the ‘Best Claims Administrator’ in the New York Law Journal’s 2013 Readers Rankings.

Yesterday, the company tweeted to their Twitter followers to vote for them as the ‘Best Claims Administrator’ for the Readers Rankings contest. This sparked immediate outrage among the US poker community considering the Garden City Group has made zero progress in the 4 months as the primary processor for Full Tilt payouts to Americans.

Brian Hastings, a popular high stakes player, responded to the tweet by stating that the group would have his vote once the “FTP claims are handled.” Players continued to tweet back in response to the voting tweet by the Garden City Group with a slew of responses, all in the negative.

It seems as though the Garden City Group is more worried about their ranking in the industry rather than focusing on the repayment process. Of course the company is not solely working on the FTP repayments but being the high profile case that it is, the company is being analyzed with a fine-tooth comb and even the most “innocent” of tweets can cause an uproar…which was proven in full-force yesterday.

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