PartyPoker Confirms Software Investigation

According to a recent report by PokerFuse, PartyPoker has confirmed that an investigation is currently taking place involving the software of the site. The investigation is due to reports that surfaced from players who stated that their hole cards and screen names were switching during the hands of real money game play.

PokerFuse reported that this issue first came to light in the public eye with a thread which was posted on the German PokerStrategy forums about a month ago. The poster, named ‘Guennilicous’, showed a video which proved that player names were switching during a hand. Other players also showed evidence that their hole cards were switching during the hand as well.

The issue seems to be a graphical glitch in the poker client as the wrong hole cards are being shown during the hand. Then when the showdown appears, the real cards switch on. When the switch happens, players have made bets on the first set of cards, but then end up losing with the hand switch. It is unknown as to how spread out this is. PartyPoker has commented that they have received reports of this happening but the instances are infrequent.

Apparently an official representative of PartyPoker took to a thread on poker forum TwoPlusTwo to respond to comments on a thread which discussed this issue. The representative stated that the first instance ‘occurred some months ago now and to our knowledge has not reoccurred since.’ The rep announced the site is now ‘aware of the issue’ and went on to state further:

“This has been escalated to the highest possible level within the business. To date we have had very few reports of the issue directly to our customer service team however we continue to investigate all possible avenues including the influence of third party (software).”

Players have been encouraged to contact customer support if they experience such an issue at PartyPoker.

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