Man Arrested at Delaware Park Casino for Death Threats After Wife’s $30K Gambling Loss

Couples all across the world enjoy gambling together at the casino. A nice trip to your favorite casino is always welcome and can be a great deal of fun, until someone begins to lose. A loss can change anyone’s outlook, especially if the loss is large. A Delaware man is now behind bars after he threatened casino officials with a shoot out at the Delaware Park Casino.

lolwomanBrandon K. Buchanan was not with his wife at the casino but he knew that she was there and was upset because she had actually lost around $30,000 gambling there. While his wife was at the casino, Buchanan called and spoke with security officers. He demanded that the officers stop his wife from gambling since she had lost $30,000 and he was tired of her losing money.

During the phone call, Buchanan threatened to bring a gun to the casino and have a shoot out with an assault rifle. Police were then contacted and sent to Buchanan’s home. The man was arrested this past Monday and charged with first degree reckless endangering as well as possession of a firearm during a felony. He also had marijuana in his possession along with drug related items.

This story began late Sunday night when Buchanan contacted security. Court records stated that Buchanan spoke with a security officer and stated: “My wife is at your casino, get her out of there or I am going to come up there with an AK-47 and (expletive) you and that place up.” The wife had apparently already left the casino but Buchanan continued to threaten the officer on the telephone.

It was eventually determined that Buchanan was outside of the casino in the parking lot. A trooper on the scene came to the spot where Buchanan was and spoke with him. Buchanan stated that he brought a gun to the casino to scare his wife because she had spent $30,000 and he couldn’t take it anymore. He figured if he brought a gun to the casino, his wife would know that he is serious.

Buchanan was then asked by the officer if he had any weapons and he stated he dd. The car was searched and a gun was found as well as ammunition and magazines. Buchanan was also searched and 20 rounds were found in his pants pockets. Assistance was called to the scene and a gun similar to an AK-47 was found in the car. Buchanan had a Hungarian AMD-65 7.61×39 mm in his car as well as the marijuana and a pipe.

After this instance, police obtained a search warrant for Buchanan’s home and found more weapons; a Century Arms 7.62 mm assault rifle as well as more ammunition and a 9 mm Ruger semi automatic hand gun. Buchanan was arrested and is now being held on bail at the Young Correctional Institution.

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