Crown Casino Scammed for $32 Million

The Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, is the latest victim of a major gambling scam, according to a report by the Herald Sun. A high roller as well as staff member of the casino was able to earn $32 million from the casino by taking over the surveillance system.

A high roller from another country was staying with the casino and was able to use the surveillance cameras at the casino to dos his dirty work. The $32 million was earned during a game of cards and only eight hands were played. Police have now been brought in to investigate. The incident is supposedly the biggest scam in the almost twenty year history of the casino.

It was just a few weeks ago that the casino uncovered the scam and the high rolling player was kicked out. The player was staying in the Crown Towers and was with his family. According to the report by the Herald Sun, the security system of the casino was taken over by an unknown person and then the cameras were used to watch a specific area of the casino. The player was in this area and he was given signals as to how he would need to wager thanks to the person watching the camera footage.

The Crown Casino cameras use a very sophisticated system for their security cameras and the smallest of details are able to be transmitted which apparently made it easy for the gambler to make the right moves. A spokesman for the casino commented: “Crown’s surveillance department recently reported concerns over a sophisticated betting scam. A Crown investigation is under way and is ongoing.”

The spokesman also stated that the casino has been ‘liaising’ with the police and Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation on the incident and they believe that the casino is in good position to recover a significant amount of the $32 million which was taken during the scam.

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